Why is NOTHING sacred...lol

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Why is NOTHING sacred...lol

Post by Tina Head Lady on Sat Jul 26, 2008 5:04 pm

When you have kids...Anthony is a really bad climber...in the sense where if he acn get a foot hold he will be using it...well he loves climbing onto my computer table...yes you heard right my computer table with my basically brand new computer, and where all my electronic stuff is usually kept as well like my mobile, my ipod and my house phone....(well not anymore...except for the phone)
Well thanx to my LM I had to go and buy a new phone for the house today...gggrrr....He broke the first handset by throwing it on the floor from the top of the computer desk then he broke the second one last night by pooring his drink into the handset base...joy. Yes by climbing the computer desk again...So there goes a $100 oon a phone which could of easily gone on scrapping stuff.....ggrrr..very annoyed....
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