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Post by Tina Head Lady on Thu Jul 24, 2008 4:17 am

Hi ladies and any Gents that happen to browse through here:-

This site is a little on-line community, basically run just so that people with the same passion Scrapbooking can all come together and have a great big chat about it. We have monthly competitions that are challenging and fun, that we hope will expand your use of techniques. We appreciate the sister of scrapbooking Photography here too and enjoy looking at photo's as much as Scrapbooking lay-out's.
You can create your own personal galleries at the click of a button and enjoy feed back on your latest work.
Feel free to advertise your business at out Blog/Shop Stop we are more than happy to accomodate, that.
Really I just want to know all about other great places to visit in the on-line world....lol.
Soon we will be hosting the Scrapbooking Olympics to start on the 11th of August, it is a competition that we hope to run every year. We want to know who the best of the best are....You never now it could be you.

If you would like to sponsor us or any of our prize packs, just PM me. I would love the offer to supply everyone with some great and diverse prize packs....and obviousley in return I will bandy your name around the site...lol.

Last but not least if You are having trouble with getting in contact with me, the dear little lady called ScrappinJo is a moderator for the site, so feel free to get in contact with her and she will let me know that theres something that needs to be addressed.

So for now that is all
Hope everyone has a lovely day
Cheers Tina Laughing
Tina Head Lady

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